April 21, 2009

In the News: Top 100 Retailers That Are Hiring

With many of the big companies announcing even more layoffs, here is a piece of good news: Fortune Magazine and CNN Money say there are dozens of Fortune 100 companies hiring people for new retail positions. Some places to look for retail employment opportunities in this bad economy include:

Walmart – The Arkansas-based company, which is number 2 on the Fortune 100 list, needs to hire thousands of store managers, human resource managers, pharmacists, customer service associates and cashiers.

Lowes – #47 on the Fortune 100 list, this North Carolina company is looking to hire 7,900 new employees, from seasonal employees to team members in regional distribution centers

Sears – The mega-retailer — #49 on the Fortune 100 — plans to hire 500 new people, including associates, store managers and in-home technicians.

Supervalu – The Minnesota-based hardware company has 180 new positions available, including openings in retail stores and supply chain services.

To learn more about working for retailers, be sure to read up on retail jobs at the JobMonkey. And if retail is not your thing, the list also includes numerous opportunities in insurance sales, technology development, and other fields.

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