April 8, 2009

Try Our New Summer Camp Job Board

Fellow blogger, Mara, has posted quite a bit lately about summer jobs. It’s certainly getting to be crunch time with employers working feverishly to fill their remaining open positions. If you want a unique and rewarding job between June and September then look into working at a summer camp. Many camps are recruiting for summer camp counselors, lifeguards, nurses, maintenance workers, and activity directors and instructors.

We have just launched a new summer camp job board where you can find these types of jobs. The board is continually updated. Be sure use the Keyword search to locate specific types of positions – such as Lifeguard. You can also search by Location.

The truth of the matter is that summer camps in the U.S. struggle to find enough Americans to fill open jobs. So even non-U.S. citizens can get these jobs. My son recently went to a camp here in the Seattle area and his assigned counselor was from New Zealand — just working for the summer. Pretty cool, huh? Free room and board, working with kids, and a paycheck too.

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