February 3, 2009

Tuesday Tips: How to Find a Green Collar Job

ABC News ran an interesting story late last week about a green retraining program for blue collar workers in California.

The students were learning all about green fuel options in preparation for a possible career change.

The spotlight on the growing green economy has grown a lot brighter since President Obama was sworn into office. His Stimulus Package includes investment in green jobs, as a future-thinking way to employ American workers.

Having earned the Presidential stamp of approval, the future is looking pretty good for green industries. In fact, according to the ABC story, labor experts predict that as many 37 million new jobs will be created by energy efficient industries. (Of course, not everyone in the story was so certain that green industry will save America’s economy, pointing out that resolving the credit crisis has to be priority #1 right now.)

If you want to learn more about finding employment in the green economy, a good place to start with JobMonkey’s extensive section on green collar jobs. When you are ready to start your green job search, check out JobMonkey’s job listings. Select Green Jobs under Category. If you do that right now, you will find 112 current listings!

You should also check out GreenJobs.com — the leading site for the green job world. Like JobMonkey’s job board, you can search for jobs by category, key word, or geographic location. The site includes a number of international jobs, if traveling appeals to you. You can also upload your resume onto their site, so employers can find you, too.

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