August 11, 2009

Tuesday Tips: Job Search Tips for the Economic Recovery

Business Week ran a fascinating article a few weeks ago about how to find a job during America’s economic recovery.

As I’ve long been harping on here at the JobMonkey, the earliest growth will be in one of four fields: health care, education, government employment, and green business. In fact, these four fields have been some of the most stable over the past 8 months of the recession, posting positive growth numbers over a number of months despite record-high layoffs in nearly every other field.

Here are some of the highlights from BWeek’s article on landing one of these “jobs of tomorrow”.


  • New report by President’s Council of Economic Advisors says that healthcare will be largest source of U.S. job growth over the next seven years (through 2016)
  • 3 million new jobs will be added annually, including hundreds of thousands of nursing job opportunities
  • For students, internships at a hospital or other health-care related organization are a great way to establish some credibility; for current job-seekers, a volunteer position is a great way to augment your resume and get your foot in the door.


  • American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is set to invest $90 billion in education, with half going to local school districts
  • Students can gain classroom experience by working as a teacher’s aide or substitute teacher — neither of which require a college degree
  • Seniors and current job-seekers should consider Teach for America

Green Collar Jobs

  • Job growth within the green collar job industry is expected to exceed 50% by 2016 — four times the growth for all other sectors combined (yes, combined!)
  • Billions in federal dollars being invested in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy research
  • For students, industry-specific internships demonstrate genuine interest in the field

Federal Government Jobs

  • Hundreds of thousands of federal government employees are expected to retire over the next five years
  • Stimulus Plan will add 200,000 additional employees at Social Security Administration, the Veterans Affairs Department, Environmental Protection Agency, Defense Department and more
  • Federal government jobs cover a range of 900 different occupations

Be sure to check out the rest of the Business Week article here. It really is a wealth of advice for landing a job in these turbulent times.

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