June 2, 2009

Tuesday Tips: Kick Start Your Resume By Working Abroad

Hey college grads, I just came across this great article from Transitions Abroad on how to kickstart your resume by working.

Given the rather soft job market in America, the time has never been better to live out your dreams to work, volunteer and travel abroad. Author Nora Dunn’s article includes tips for everything from getting a work visa, to finding work, to keeping the travel budget to the bare minimum. She also has plenty of words of encouragement, including my favorite:

Critical capabilities, such as interpersonal and communication skills, managing finances, and problem solving are touched upon in school, but frequently not in a comprehensive or applicable way. These are examples of true life skills—those that are acquired and applied with experience [like working abroad].

For more information about working abroad, be sure to read the full article and then check out JobMonkey’s section on Work Abroad Jobs.

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