April 6, 2014

9 Warning Signs You Need To Turn Down A Job Offer

When you’re unemployed, all you want to find is a paying job. The job search is a full time effort with many important steps – job search, resume prep, cover letter writing, interview process, job offer, and getting hired. It’s quite a time consuming process and no one wants to turn down a job offer.

Each step has it’s own obstacles and hurtles. Here’s one more important thing to consider – Is the job right for you? Or should you turn down a job offer?

The decision to turn down a job offer is a big one. You’ve obviously gone through a lot of work to apply for the job, impress the interviewers, and get offered the job. Are you ready to give up all that hard work because the job isn’t the right one for you? It’s a hard decision, but one that you should always consider.

When you’re deciding if you should turn down a job offer, look at the whole picture. See if you notice any of these warning signs:

  1. Lack Of Career Path – If you’re heading into a dead end job with no chance for advancement, this may not be the best career move.
  2. Not Comfortable With Co-Workers or Boss – You’re going to spend a lot of time with you new team. If you don’t feel comfortable with them after the interview process, you probably won’t after a few weeks.
  3. Poor Communication Skills – The job search process works both ways. If an employer is having trouble staying in touch now, they most certainly will have issues in the future too. Pay attention to an employer’s communication skills.
  4. Dishonesty – If you know that the company is dishonest, steer clear. That’s not something you’ll want to deal with on a daily basis.
  5. Vague Job Description – You should have a clear idea of what you will be doing for work. If the job description isn’t clear, you may end up doing something you don’t want to do.
  6. Poor Pay – If you know you should be paid a certain amount and that’s not what you are offered. It may be best to explore other options.
  7. Embarrassment – If you’re embarrassed to tell someone you work at a certain company or job, then you should do something different. You should be proud of where you work. (Hopefully you won’t apply for a job that will embarrass you though.)
  8. Recruiter Bad Mouths Prior Employees – Negativity towards previous employees doesn’t speak highly of a healthy workplace.
  9. High Turnover Rates – If the company is constantly replacing workers, it may mean there is a fundamental problem. Check with your network to see if this is an issue.

It’s okay to be a bit nervous about starting a new job, but if you really feel unsure about the situation – take a step back and reassess. After careful consideration, make your decision. If you opt out, say thank you and explain why you’re going to turn down a job offer. Then dive back in to the job search.

If you’re truly struggling in life and you need to pay the bills, maybe you should take any job that comes your way. But if you’ve budgeted for unemployment, then maybe the best thing to do is to turn down a job offer. Ultimately, you will be happier that you did. You can always find more job listings to apply for on the JobMonkey Job Board.

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