May 12, 2013

8 Reasons To Turn Down A Job Offer

The economy is coming back and unemployment is continuing to drop, which is awesome news for job seekers. It also means that many job seekers are being faced with a new “problem” – turning down a job offer.

Everyone needs a job, so most of us never expect to be in a situation where we can turn down a job. It does happen and it can be an awkward and uncomfortable situation. Is it one you ever imagined being in?

To even be in this situation, you would have already gone through the job search, application process, and interview – that’s a lot of time invested. Typically the moment when most people realize that they need to turn down a job comes from the interview. Remember that interviews go both way – you are interviewing the employer and the employer is interviewing you.

Here are a handful of reasons why you might need to turn down a job:

  1. Received multiple job offers
  2. Company is not a good fit for you
  3. Don’t like the management (are they jerks?)
  4. Pay or benefits are not appropriate
  5. Personal obligations (a child, a big year, a ski season) may prevent you from doing your job
  6. Too much work, not enough vacation and play time
  7. It’s a dead end job
  8. Focus does not lead toward your long term goals

Making the decision to turn down a job is challenging. You may doubt your choice, but it is best to trust your instincts. If you do turn down a job, be honest, timely, appreciative, and professional. Try to do it in person and follow up with all contacts. Be sure to not waste anyone’s time and if possible recommend someone else for the job.

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