April 7, 2009

Working for United Parcel Service

United Parcel Service (UPS) has been in the business of transporting parcels and freight of all shapes and sizes for over a century, with no signs of slowing up at all. The company is the nation’s third-largest employer and the world’s largest deliverer of consumer and business packages. With over 15 million parcels transported every day – with nearly 21 million being picked up and delivered every day around the Christmas holiday season – the company prides itself on making every second count where the transporting of packages is concerned. These time-saving measures begin with the ignition keys to the truck. Because it takes two seconds to put your keys away and another three seconds to take them out, the company stresses this time-saving trick while training its employees. With approximately 160 stops throughout the day, having the keys out before you get back to the truck saves a total of fifteen minutes every day. This is time that can be used to deliver more packages. New employees must also graduate from a month-long safety training course that includes written safety and driving tests. Be sure to search our free truck driver job board while you’re visiting JobMonkey and researching career opportunities.

Good Workers Benefit from Working at UPS

Employees who drive for UPS are treated well by the company when they do their jobs properly. The company pays top-union scale salaries that let drivers earn up to $70,000 annually with senior drivers earning up to $85,000 – and more. Senior drivers also receive up to nine weeks of paid vacation every year. All full-time employees qualify for company-paid health insurance benefits including flu shots and such industry-specific healthcare programs as knee and back therapy sessions. Employees working for UPS need to be able to multi-task and have a very friendly and professional way about them. Because many of the driving jobs at the company require a certain amount of daily stress, all employees need to be aware of the way the customer views the company through its employees. Being able to adapt to an ever-changing workplace is also critical during your time at UPS. Employees who can thrive in and enjoy a fast-paced work environment that requires planning, adapting and executing a planned delivery route will find UPS jobs very challenging and rewarding.

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