August 3, 2014

We Googled You And Guess What We Found

When was the last time you Googled yourself? What did you find? Hopefully no surprises!

At least 80% of employers will Google you when you apply for job. After browsing your resume and reading your cover letter, the recruiter will tap you name into Google to see what you’re really all about.

A decent Google search can turn up all sorts of information about you – social media outlets, websites, criminal records, news clippings, online resumes, and more. It’s actually shocking how easy it is to learn about someone online. You can really fine tune a search by using “quotes” or additional details like location, job, or interests.

What does Google know about you? Open a new browser window for Google. Type in your name and see what comes up. Are you hirable?

By using a simple Google search, an employer can learn a lot about a potential candidate. It’s one more easy way to screen job search applicants prior to the interview round. It’s effective, efficient, and saves the company lots of time and energy. If you were a recruiter wouldn’t you do the same thing?

The real question is, what will your potential employer find? Is it going to hurt your job search or help you land the job interview? Ideally a Google search will help you land a job. If not, you need to play defense. Try to edit what you can and create positive content.

If you’re proactive with your web presence, when you’re Googled an employer will find:

  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Twitter Page
  • Facebook Page
  • Google+ Page
  • YouTube
  • Written Articles
  • Amazon Profiles
  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Resumes
  • News Articles

According to, the four things that employers look for the most when they Google you are:

  1. A Professional Headshot – Employers want to know what you look like. Do you fit the role? Are you the professional that your resume and cover letter say you are?
  2. Your Online Portfolio – There are plenty of careers that require a portfolio. You need a web presence to highlight your resume of skills, accomplishments, and experience. It’s easy to do with WordPress.
  3. The Size Of Your Digital Footprint – Are you a member of the professional community? Do you contribute in a positive way? This is mostly seen through social media, blogs, and name results in Google.
  4. Your Character and Behavior – It’s amazing how Facebook and Instragram can “trick” you into sharing your photos. What public photos did you or your friends post? Are you playing ultimate frisbee, chugging beer, or being useless? Make sure your social media profiles will make you look good.

Put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes. Do you want to hire someone who has created an outstanding web presence that shows their professional drive, motivation, and reputation? Or do you want to take your chances with the Google results that show a DUI charge, pictures of partying, a resume that lacks experience, and an out of date website? We know who we would choose.

Having a web presence is not optional anymore. Create one before you get Googled. With the right keywords, you already have a web presence. Be proactive to craft the web presence that you want to have. Write blogs, create websites, use social media professionally. The web has massive potential to help you find a job search. Take advantage of it before Google becomes your nemesis.

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