September 19, 2008

Week in Review

Wow, this week just flew by. In case you are just finding us, I wanted to let you know what we’ve been talking about this week.

On Mondays, I explore a popular job market and give you the inside scoop on what background, experience and education is required to land one of these positions.

This Monday, we looked at travel nursing – i.e. short-term nursing positions in communities around the country. Thanks to the nursing shortage, travel nurses are in high demand and can earn top dollar. 

Tuesday is all about tips to make your job search easier.  This week we looked at resumes, a popular subject judging by your comments and emails! I will be revisiting resume-writing again in a few weeks, but for now, here’s a list of six tips that will help you get your resume to the top of the applicant stack.

On Wednesday, I put the spotlight on three hot jobs that are in JobMonkey’s database of employment opportunities. This week we had jobs in patient services, video game programming and race hill crew.

And finally we had a spotlight on jobs at Disney. I gotta say, I can’t imagine a more fun place to work than Magic Kingdom! (My apologies for posting this one so late.  Normally spotlights will be on Thursday, but due to server issues, this one got up late.)

And that’s a wrap on our week at JobMonkey. If you want some light weekend reading, check back in this afternoon for some link love. 

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