February 15, 2009

What I’m Reading This Weekend

Happy Sunday! I’m sneaking in some link love right under the weekend wire this late Sunday evening. It seems that winter cannot end fast enough here, at least not for my perpetually sick household.

Hopefully you are having better health this weekend! Here’s the quick and dirty version of what I’ve been reading this past week. Lots of great stuff!

>> Preparing for the Worst @ Girls Just Wanna Have Funds
The “girls” have some succinct advice on how to get your financial ducks in a row if you are expecting a layoff. (In fact, they have lots of good ideas, even if you think your job future is golden, too).

>> Tough Competition for Summer Jobs
Apropos to Monday’s post here about The Top 10 Benefits of a Summer Job, this article is predicting that the summer job market is going to be tough this year. My advice? Get started now!

>> Tips from a Nurse Recruiter
If you are considering becoming a nurse (remember this post from earlier this year about traveling nursing?), this article has some good advice for you.

>> How to Jumpstart Your Career During a Recession @ The Work From Home Market.com

>> College Seniors Can Thrive in a Challenging Market @ The Examiner.com

>> Four Tips for Those Considering a Freelance Career @ The Boston Herald

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