February 22, 2009

What I’m Reading This Weekend

Hello friends! My apologies for getting a very late start on our Reader’s Mail and Link Love. My Internet went down on Thursday and finally got fixed last night.

It’s amazing how dependent I have become on my friendly wireless access. Here’s a quick look at some of the great stuff I’ve been reading this week. I hope you have enjoying your weekend and can fit in some time for some bloggy love.

>> How to Talk to a Friend Who’s Been Laid Off @ The Brazen Careerist
Penelope always has good things to say, but I think this post is especially validating for those going through a job loss, or tying to support a friend or loved one experiencing that personal tragedy.

>> A Movement Started on Twitter To Help Job Seekers @ Keppie Careers
We have talked a lot about how to find a job through networking, and the importance of networking online. From this post, I learned about yet another great way that the social networking site, Twitter, is helping job seekers to find their next job. If you are in the market for a new job, you should definitely check this out!

>> How to Network When Your Whole Network’s Been Laid Off @ Forbes
More on networking from Forbes, especially when most of the people you’d be networking with are likely in the same spot you are.

>> Zumeo: Live Resumes, Networking & Assessment Tool @ Jobacle
A new career assessment tool can be a great asset to anyone’s job search. Check this one out!

>> About Summer Job Options @ About.com’s Job Search blog
This short post from About.com’s Job Search guide includes a link to advice from Austin Lavin, CEO of myfirstpaycheck.com, about finding a summer job. I completely agree with Lavin’s assertion that the early bird catches the worm when it comes to summer employment. Check out the rest of his recommendations here.

>> Job Fair to Attract Student, Employers @ Volante Online
The hook for this story from a local newspaper is about a job fair in Sioux Falls, Iowa, which admittedly may not be so interesting for most of our readers. But I suggest you check it out anyway, because the reporter includes lots of good ideas for student job seekers, such as how to “sanitize” your social networking image and what to wear on an interview.

>> Grim Outlook for Teen Job Seekers @ the Wall Street Journal’s blog, The Juggle
This Wall Street Journal’s Juggle blog post is typically filled with tons of worthwhile links; plus be sure to check out the comment section for an interesting discussion about how families should talk to their kids about the economic crisis. Good stuff.

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