June 16, 2013

Why Should We Hire You?

Everyone has experienced a job interview at some point. Sometimes they go well and others time we wish we could have done better. Either way, you’ll be in the spotlight during an interview.  You’ll be asked lots of interview questions, like “why should we hire you?” or even maybe some off the wall interview questions too. Are you ready?

Have you been to an interview where they ask you, “Why should we hire you?” It’s a nice way to ask the question, “Why are you here?” And you better answer it well.

Nobody likes this question. It’s often asked when the interview is going well and it is almost over. Usually you’re sitting in an unfamiliar room with a panel of your potential employers waiting for you to impress them. It’s intimidating. You better answer this one well – no um’s and er’s.

When you get asked, “Why should we hire you?”, it’s important to make yourself stand out. You want a unique answer that your recruiters will remember. You want to pique their curiosity so they are thinking about you even when they move on to the next interview. You need to say things that aren’t on your resume or in your cover letter. Try to reveal something about yourself beyond your presence, body language, and personality.

Mention your transferable skills, relevant experience, background, expertise, team playing ability, professional network, enthusiasm, travels, problem solving skills, long term goals or anything else that makes you the best candidate. Give it a twist and be sure to brag. Sell yourself to them.

Plan your answer for this question before you head to the interview. Don’t let your recruiter blindside you. Be prepared and confident and you’ll walk out of the job interview knowing you did great.


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