April 19, 2017

The World’s Most Sustainable Companies

What do you look for in an employer? There are lots of factors to consider, but one important one is to make sure that your potential employer is going to be around for the long haul. Just like anything in life, businesses come and go, but there are certain companies that have planned ahead and are ready for the future. These are the world’s most sustainable companies.

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Corporate sustainability accounts for all aspects of how a business is run. It is the concept of allowing for diversity and productivity that can go on forever. Sustainable companies have balanced environmental, social, and economic performance to create a well rounded and powerful global business. This is good for the business, the consumers, and the employees.

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So what does this mean for you as a job seeker? It means that sustainable companies are high quality employers who look at the big picture instead of just the bottom line. If you’re a job seeker, it’s a smart idea to focus your job search on these companies.

Every year, CorporateKnights.com, a Canadian research company, shines the spotlight on the companies that “care most about sustainability.” This year they researched over 4000 companies with market values of at least $2 billion. These companies come from all industries and all corners of the planet. To make the top 100 list, the corporations must score highly in 14 relevant factors, including:

  • Energy Productivity
  • Carbon Productivity
  • Water Productivity
  • Waste Productivity
  • Innovation Capacity
  • Percentage Tax Paid
  • CEO To Average Employee Pay
  • Pension Fund Status
  • Safety Performance
  • Employee Turnover
  • Leadership Diversity
  • Clean Capitalism Pay Link
  • Supplier Score
  • Clean Air Productivity

Now that we know how they determined the list, let’s take a look at the top 10 of 100 of the world’s most sustainable companies according to Corporate Knights:

  1. Siemens – Germany
  2. Storebrand – Norway
  3. Cisco Systems – USA
  4. Danske Bank – Denmark
  5. ING Group – Netherlands
  6. Commonwealth Bank of Australia – Australia
  7. Koninklijke Philips – Netherlands
  8. Johnson & Johnson – USA
  9. Koninklijke DSM – Netherlands
  10. Enagas – Spain

To view the full results of the 2017 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations In The World Index please visit CorporateKnights.com.

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Other cool companies that made the list include L’Oreal, Adidas, and Apple. As a job seeker, this list of is a valuable resource to help you focus your job search on high quality, global employers. Are you ready to search and apply for jobs with the world’s most sustainable companies? Visit the JobMonkey JobCenter to get started today.

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