June 30, 2009

Worst Job Advice You Ever Got

Are you looking for a job? Then you must check out this awesome column by Liz Ryan. She shoots down ten of the most commonly proffered, but worst job tips around.

Here’s a look at a few of my favorites:

Don’t Wrap It Up
Ryan tells readers to ignore anyone who suggests that you don’t need a Summary or Objective at the top of your resume. “Your Summary shows off your writing skills, shows that you know what’s salient in your background, and puts a point on the arrow of your résumé,” says Ryan. So don’t leave it off. Here are some more tips from JobMonkey on the elements of a successful resume, starting with the summary statement.

Wait for Them to Call You
Ryan tells readers that they must not just send a resume and then sit around waiting for the company to call. You must follow up on every single resume you send — or at least on the ones where you actually want the job. “Your résumé is in a stack with 150 others,” Ryan writes. “If you don’t push it up the pipeline, no one will.” In fact, even when the ad says “no calls” Ryan says to ignore that. Work your connections and get in touch with the hiring manager.

Ryan also suggests some other non-conventional ways to get yourself noticed, including:

  • Sending a paper resume — Yup, she suggests snail mail. She says it will stand out and make you more memorable.
  • Bringing up money by the second interview — Her advice seems to boil down to this: Don’t waste anybody’s time if the salary is completely below your bottom line.

Do you agree with Ryan’s advice? What is the best and worst career advice you have ever gotten?

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