July 5, 2015

15 Success Stories That You Have To Read To Believe

The world is yours. You can do anything you want to do. It may seem far fetched to make big paychecks, work from a tropical paradise, and do what you love, but it’s totally possible. The world is full of success stories where people have chosen the non-traditional career path and have found success in ways they never imagined.

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Don’t take our word for it though. Read the success stories below. These people did it. They are beef jerky dealers, caricature artists, voice over artists, Instagram photographers, self publishers, bloggers, career coaches, running coaches, tree planters, online course providers, and other cool things. They escaped the office, followed their dreams, and make lots of money.

These are real people who are focused and driven. They’ve embraced their world, harnessed technology, and love life. You can do what these people did too if you choose to. Hopefully these individuals will inspire you to do something great:

  1. Armando Amador learned to code at age 28, paid off tens of thousands of dollars in student loans, and was able to land a job that pays $70,000 per year. – Business Insider
  2. Graham Cohrane, age 32, turned his side job as a freelance sound mixer into a full time job. His blog nows makes between $35,000 and $75,000 per month! – Business Insider
  3. Julia Kelly enjoyed drawing and found an $8.50 per hour job as a caricature artist. Four years later, she has grown her professional drawing career into a $150 to $250 per hour business and makes a six figure income. – Business Insider
  4. Redd Horrocks was seeking a job to payoff her credit card debt. She found a voice over job on Fiverr and has grown that business to a full time job. She now makes $9,000 to $11,000 per month. – Business Insider
  5. Daniel Arnold has a lot of photos and followers on Instagram. One day he decided to start selling the photos he had taken. He made a one day offer and had $15,000 worth of orders. – Forbes
  6. Chandler Bolt dropped out of the College of Charleston to start a company called Self Publishing School that helps authors publish their books. After just a few years, it’s on track to make over $1,000,000. – Business Insider
  7. Jeff Goins had no plan so he pursued his dream of becoming a writer. He built a popular blog, grew an audience, and has published several best sellers. He now makes six figures a year. – Business Insider
  8. AJ Amyx and Andy Zitzmann developed a professional coaching business that allows them to work from anywhere in the world and they make $30,000 per month. – Business Insider
  9. Dana Severson was at a trade show where he tasted the world’s best beef jerky made by a small manufacturer. After craving the beef jerky, he decided to start a business that found small batch suppliers of incredible beef jerky and mail it to his beef jerky subscribers every month. His business is called Stick In The Box. He started it with $100 and now it makes over $100,000 per year. – Inc.com
  10. Navid Moazzez dropped out of law school to pursue the non-traditional career path. He started a blog and began to interview people and producing podcasts. He now travels the world running his business and makes up to $40,000 per month. – Business Insider
  11. Primoz Bozic runs a website that helps entrepreneurs become more productive. He sells products, writes articles, and does coaching. As long as he has an Internet connection he can make about $400 per hour. – Business Insider
  12. Natalie Sisson helps people start online businesses. She’s done it herself and now she wants to help others create a lifestyle that isn’t tied to the office. By helping others escape she makes $200,000 a year while working and traveling the globe. – Business Insider
  13. Andrea Barnett accumulated $26,000 in debt from university. To pay it off, she started treeplanting. Making $250 to $300 a day, Barnett was able to pay off all of her debt within 15 months. – The Globe and Mail
  14. Nick Walter creates educational videos and articles. He posts them to Udemy and has made up to $66,000 in a month via his self produced online courses. – Business Insider
  15. Jason Fitzgerald is a runner. He took his knowledge of the sport and started a blog that offers coaching, training programs, nutrition, prevention programs, and other running information. As a virtual running coach, his blog pulls in about $10,000 per month. – Business Insider

Which of these success stories do you most relate with? Read more about these success superstars in the links above.

Are you inspired to pursue your dreams and find a non-traditional career path? From side businesses that blossomed to entrepreneurial dreams to just people looking to escape, success is yours for the taking. Anything is possible as long as you are committed.

Don’t get stuck doing something you dislike. Take advantage of life and do what you need to do to be happy.

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