May 31, 2014

The 17 Fastest Ways To Get Fired

Getting fired should not be high on your list of professional goals. In fact, you should avoid getting fired at all possible costs. It doesn’t look good on a resume and it may come back to haunt you in your future job searches.

Unfortunately, people get fired everyday. There are absurd stories that you hear about where employees get fired over office pranks or physical altercations, but the more likely reasons people get fired are a bit more subtle.

Most people go to work with the absolute best intentions of doing a superb job. Getting fired never really crosses their mind. Yet, if you do any of the following things, you might be on the fast track to unemployment:

  1. Lying – Dishonesty cannot be tolerated in any professional setting. From job applications to poor excuses, companies do not thrive on dishonest employees.
  2. Job Searching – If you’re blatantly looking for another job while at work, you can be sure you’re boss will notice. It shows that you might not be the best fit.
  3. Gossiping – No one likes a gossip. When you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
  4. Drinking and Drug Use – Whether you’re at work under the influence or you fail a drug test, get ready to pack up your things and get out.
  5. Web Surfing – When you go to work, you’re supposed to work. If you find yourself browsing websites about your hobbies and interests more than you’re working. That’s a bad thing.
  6. Office Romances – Well this one isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes things don’t work out as planned or co-workers feel alienated. If you choose to pursue your office crush, tread lightly.
  7. Not Proofreading – Typos, errors, and mistakes are not taken lightly in a professional setting. A single misplaced comma or misspelled name can cost the company money or clients. Remember to proofread.
  8. Making Inappropriate Comments – Watch your tongue. When you’re at work, you’re not hanging out with the boys at the bar. Keep your personal (and inappropriate) thoughts to yourself.
  9. Having A Bad Attitude – Bad attitudes are contagious. It can be a real downer on the entire office.
  10. Your Job is Obsolete – If a monkey or a robot can do your job, it’s time to go develop a new set of skills.
  11. Being Habitual Late – Being late once in a blue moon can get you a slap on the wrist. Being late every day will get you fired.
  12. Using Social Media Too Much – If you’re boss constantly sees that you’ve updated your status or tweeted your activities at work, it will show that you’re actually not doing your work. You also have to watch your profiles. What you do on social media reflects on who you are and what your company stands for. Be careful with the Internet.
  13. Stealing – Well this one goes without saying. You can’t take things that aren’t yours, yet people do it all of the time.
  14. Napping – Sleeping at work is unacceptable. Sleep is for home. If you find yourself catching some Z’s in the office, you might also find yourself searching for a new gig.
  15. Procrastinating – If you’re not getting your work done, you’re just costing your employer money. Stay focused. Be productive. Get things done.
  16. Not Taking Responsibility – Own up to your mistakes and take pride in your accomplishments. That’s what being a leader is all about. If you place blame and make excuses it’s an easy reason for the boss to fire you.
  17. Compromising Safety – Safety first. This is important in every profession. If you put someone else at risk, you deserve to get fired.

Are you at fault for doing any of these things? Now is the time to clean up your act. While some of these things seem trivial, employers take these actions seriously. If you’re causing issues in the office, get ready to get fired. It’s how the professional world works.

While the fire-able offenses above can get you canned quickly, we also found a more humorous approach to this topic from our friends at HR World. Check out their post, 101 Hilarious Ways To Get Fired. These are bound to send you packing!

If you do get fired, don’t sweat it too much. There could be a bright side to getting fired. Luckily there are 1000’s of job listings on the JobMonkey Job Board that you can apply for.

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