March 16, 2014

Is Your Career At Risk Of Being Taken Over By Robots?

Are you tired of your job? Do you feel like you just do the same thing over and over again? Could a robot do your job? It’s totally possible.

According to Bill Gates, within the next 20 years robots will take over many jobs – especially ones at the “lower end of the skill set.” Millions of jobs could be affected! Bloomberg estimates that robots and automation will impact over 700 careers. Robots could affect half of the US work force. That’s impressive and something you need to prepare for.

It’s true. Technology is rapidly progressing. Smart computers, automation, and robots may be good for businesses, but they may not be the best for job seekers.

Can you brainstorm a few jobs that will be affected by robots? Bloomberg chose a selection of jobs and ranked them on the probability of automation. A lower percentage is at less risk of being taken over. A higher percentage means you might want to pursue a different career path. The list includes:

Is your career at risk of robots taking over? If it is, you might want to consider a new career path. There are some jobs that will always remain robot free. Careers that require manipulation, creativity, social perception, or physical activities have the best chance of being robot free. Maybe the safest job is to find one that works directly with robots?

No one can predict the future. There is no doubt about it – technology and robots are going to affect the job market. If you’re a job seeker, it’s up to you to plan ahead and choose the best professional career path for you.

We recommend choosing a career path that you think will be robot free and make a go of it. You can research jobs on JobMonkey. Once you know what type of job you’re looking for, head over to the job board to start your robot free job job search.

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