November 23, 2014

The 2014 Job Seeker Gift Guide

It’s that time of year. The holidays are here. The Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping bonanzas are only days away. Are you ready to do a bit of shopping? Do you have any job seekers on your holiday gift list? The following job seeker gift guide will help you find the perfect gift.

Almost everyone knows a job seeker, new grad, student, career switcher, or dream chaser who needs something for their job hunt. Why not give those folks something that can help them land their dream job? If you’re a job seeker, maybe this will help you know what to ask for.

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Take a look at this job seeker gift guide to see if it inspires you:

  • Business Cards – Business cards are cheap. They are one of the best forms of networking and marketing available.
  • Certifications, Courses, Memberships – Dues and fees are expensive. A little help with these expenses is always appreciated.
  • Tablet – Tablets are both fun and professional. It’s amazing how much a job seeker can do on a tablet – update resumes, apply for jobs, network. It’s an essential tool.
  • Clothing – Everyone can benefit from a fresh look. From a sleek interview suit to a lucky tie, helping a job seeker look good goes a long way.
  • Resume Writing – A professional resume writer can make an average resume look super. They aren’t cheap, but they can help a job seeker make it to the interview round.
  • Thank You Notes – Every recruiter and interviewer appreciates a well written thank you.
  • Gift Card – Gift cards are useful to supplement the job seeker budget. Get one to a clothing shop, office supply shop, or coffee shop. They’ll use it!
  • Calendar/Planner – Organization is crucial to success. Invest in a calendar or planner so they will never miss an important date or deadline.
  • Grooming – Sometimes a simple razor, face wash, deodorant, or pedicure can really boost someone’s confidence.
  • Something Unique To Their Dream – An aspiring ski instructor may need skis, a hot shot chef may need a new set of knives, a statistician might want a high end calculator, or a park ranger may need a new set of hiking boots. Personalize your gift options by focusing on what they want to be.
  • Head Shots – Social media profile shots can make or break a candidate’s chances of getting hired. Hire a professional to get the head shots they need.
  • Website – A web presence is an important component of any job search. Offer to pay for web hosting or help them design a website or blog.
  • Subscription – A simple subscription to a news magazine, industry newsletter, or social media can help a job seeker stay in touch with what’s going on in the professional world.
  • Bag – There’s a lot to carry around when you’re an aspiring professional. Give them a bag so that they can be the pro they want to be.
  • Massage – Sometimes it’s nice to just relax. Cut the stress with a powerful and relaxing massage.
  • Coffee/Tea – Almost everyone needs a boost in the morning (or the afternoon). Coffee and tea is always appreciated.
  • Reference – References are an essential part of the job search. Why not offer to provide one?

Job seekers are often on a budget so be sure to get them something that is useful and functional for their job search. They’ll really appreciate it. One gift that’s totally free is that you can tell them about JobMonkey. We have job boards, industry guides, and tons of job seeker advice that’s totally free and is available 24/7.

This holiday season, be sure to remember the job seekers in your life. A simple gift can make a world of difference in their job search success. Who knows, maybe your gift could be the ticket to landing their dream job! Wouldn’t that be cool?

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