August 18, 2013

6 Simple Steps To Changing Careers

Do you need a change? Whether you’re a young buck or old timer, it’s not too late to change careers.

Changing careers is a major move and it can be scary. You have to be ready to start over and relearn a new profession. It takes time, but being happy is well worth the investment.

Here are the steps for changing to a career that you will love:

  1. Find what makes you happy – Mountains? Cities? People? Design? Airplanes? Sports?
  2. Research jobs in that field – Search the job board and see what types of opportunities are available. Learn more about those jobs on JobMonkey. Find a job that you want to do.
  3. Invest in yourself – Take the steps to become qualified and earn a degree, certification, or experience
  4. Save money – Have a nest egg before you change jobs because it may take time to establish yourself financially. For example, if you’re going from investment banker on Wall Street to surf instructor on Maui you won’t be making the same annual salary.
  5. Apply for jobs with companies you want to work for – A company can make a big difference in your happiness
  6. Call in your network – Get in contact with the people who may be able to help you find a job in your dream niche.

It doesn’t seem that hard does it? Be realistic in your job search. There may be some jobs that you’ll never be able to perform, but you still may be able to find a job in that industry that gets you close to your passions. Use our industry guides to learn more about different careers.

Switching jobs is not always a smooth transition, but if you make the move, you won’t regret it. It’s easy and exciting to go to work when you enjoy what you do.

Check out the job board to find your next cool job. Good luck!

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