September 26, 2017

6 Stupid Things People Do During Job Interviews

Job interviews are often the deciding factor of whether or not you’re going to be hired. It’s your chance to really shine in front of a prospective employer, but they are also totally nerve-wracking – kind of like a first date.

It’s easy to let stress get the best of you when you are interviewing for a job, especially if you really want or need the job. Stress can make you twist your words and stumble over questions – even ones that you’ve spent hours preparing for.

Nailing the job interview is harder to do than you might think and, well, the nerves and stress can make you do some dumb things. Here are some ridiculous things that happen during job interviews. Some are common, others hopefully not:

  1. Crying – Don’t cry if you don’t get hired. It’s awkward for everyone.
  2. Freaking Out – Watch this video of job interviews from LG Chile. Is that a meteor crash or something else?
  3. Falling Asleep – If you’re so stressed out that you don’t sleep the night before the interview, this might happen to you. Interviewers do not like snoring.
  4. Breaking the Law – Don’t let your interview know that you’ve broken the law before, especially if it involves crossing state lines and breaking your probation to attend the interview!
  5. Posting On Social Media – Watch what you say on social media, it can come back to bite you – especially if you’ve partying a lot. Your interviewer might ask you about the photo of you sleeping on a pile of beer cans.
  6. Sweating Excessively – When you get nervous, you sweat. It’s important not to sweat too much, especially if you used hair in a can to cover up your bald spot. It may start dripping down your face.

We recommend that you don’t do any of these things if you ever want to get hired. Why not search for some other job interview tips on JobMonkey? They may help you when you apply for your next job. Good luck!

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