November 1, 2009

Advance Your Career by Going Back to School

Are you thinking about going back to school, but you’re still on the fence? Here are some facts & figures that may just get you motivated to pursue a degree — especially one online.

  • A new study has shown that the average lifetime earnings for 2-year degree holder is $1.6 million — $400,000 more than high school graduates alone are earning.
  • 1 in 5 American students took at least one online class in 2008. That 4 million students doing some coursework at a “distance”.
  • 10% of American post-secondary students (400,000) are enrolled in exclusively Internet-based learning. Distance learning is up across the board — for example, one Colorado-based e-school saw a 29% jump in enrollment.
  • 2 our of 3 post-secondary institutions in the United States were offering some type of distance education courses — whether fully online or a blending online/brick-and-mortar option

To start checking out online degree programs that might work for you, read our section on distance learning.

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