JobMonkey Performance+ ™

JobMonkey is now offering its clients an enhanced pay-for-performance option for high-quality talent acquisition through JobMonkey.

Pay-for-Performance: Only pay for candidates that view your job postings on JobMonkey.

Enhanced Automated Email Reminders: We know many people search for jobs on their mobile devices at times when it is not convenient to actually apply for the position. To make matters worse, most of these people forget how they found the job posting and end up never applying. We solve this by sending a series of email reminders to these potential clients reminding them about the job and with a direct link on how to apply on your ATS or online application.

Fast/Easy/Painless Setup and Management: Our Performance + program is easy to set up and get going. But even better, if your jobs are listed on your website or in a feed, you never have to manage jobs on JobMonkey. Our technology can mirror the jobs on your website or your feed. If you open, close, edit a job on your site or feed, it automatically updates on JobMonkey making the management of your jobs on JobMonkey totally automated.

Month to Month Contract: No long-term contracts required!

Flexible Budgeting: Easily update your monthly budget based on your hiring needs.

Email Notification of Interested Candidates (Optional): Depending on your desires and needs, we can email you details about interested candidates. You choose how frequently you would like these emails (instantly, daily, weekly, monthly, or never). It is completely up to you to decide if this would be useful to you. Some clients use this for an outreach program to interested candidates, further promoting their company, jobs, and brand.

Build an Interested Candidate List: We provide you with a spreadsheet of every interested candidate that comes from JobMonkey. You get First Name, Last Name, Phone #, Email Address, and their City and State.

Performance Tracking: Remove the mystery of how JobMonkey is doing for your talent acquisition. You can accurately track candidates and hires that came through JobMonkey.

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