June 5, 2009

All New at JobMonkey: Event Jobs & Nanny Jobs

Have you visited the JobMonkey website lately? We’ve been expanding again! Just added are new sections on Event & Festival Jobs as well as Nanny Jobs.

Event Jobs
Do you love the thrill of the crowd?

Are most at home at a heart-pounding sporting event? Do summer festivals really float your boat? For event professionals, that enjoyment can last year-round, since they don’t just attend events, they staff them! For some, event work is a lifelong career, for others its seasonal employment or even an awesome volunteer job. To learn more about the different job opportunities at the world’s largest and most popular events, check out JobMonkey’s newest section on Event & Festival Jobs.

Nanny & AuPair Jobs
While both nannies and au pairs are responsible for taking care of children, there are some important differences. If you are interested in providing in-home care for babies and young children, you should definitely check out JobMonkey’s newest section on nanny jobs. There’s plenty of information about working as an au pair — a job title that fits young women (ages 18-26) who are foreign-born and come to the United States to care for children. You will also find plenty of tips on working as a nanny, whose broadly defined job, according to one large nanny association, is to “provide support to the family by serving as a loving, nurturing and trustworthy companion to the children.”

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