October 21, 2017

When Is The Best Time To Apply For Holiday Jobs?

Are you ready to apply for holiday jobs? Countless employers are hiring people just like you to help them over the hectic busy season. If you want to land one of these temporary jobs, you need to apply as soon as companies start posting their holiday job openings – and this happens in the Fall.

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Based on prior year’s numbers and this year’s projections, companies will determine how many people they need to hire for short term work opportunities. A company may need to hire a handful of extra workers or they might need to hire tens of thousands of people. Either way, it means that this is one of the best times of year to find work.

How To Turn A Temp Job Into A Full Time Job

The prime time for to apply for holiday jobs is in the early Fall. This is the time of year that businesses begin posting temporary job openings for the hectic holiday times during the Thanksgiving and Christmas rush. If you’re in need of an extra paycheck, right now is prime time to focus your job search on companies that are hiring for the holidays.

USAToday.com  notes that major companies have begun to list their 2017 holiday hiring numbers. Let’s take a look at what companies are hiring for the holidays and how many people they need to hire:

  • Amazon – 120,000
  • Macy’s – 80,000
  • JC Penny – 40,000
  • Toys R Us – 10,000+
  • UPS – 95,000
  • FedEx – 50,000
  • Target – 100,000

Those are impressive numbers, right? Of course these are just a handful of employers who are hiring for the busy season. There are plenty of opportunities in retail, resorts, shipping, hotels, and other niches this year. It’s your job to find the right job for you. Luckily, it’s easy to search and apply for holiday jobs on the JobMonkey JobCenter.

Holiday jobs are a prime opportunity to build your resume, earn a paycheck, and get your foot in the door. Often you can turn a temporary job into a full-time, year-round job if you play your cards right. Hopefully you can find a holiday job this season. Employers are actively hiring and right now is the perfect time to apply for holiday jobs.

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