March 29, 2015

April Fools Jokes That Won’t Get You Fired

Are you ready for April Fools’ Day? Do you have any good jokes, gags, pranks, or shenanigans up your sleeve? Are you going to pull one over on your co-workers? What sort of hilarity will ensue on this silly day?

Not everyone enjoys a good joke, but some people do. If you’re one of those people, we’ve got a few April Fools jokes that won’t get you fired (we hope!).

  • Rearrange your co-worker’s desk150401 - april fools - iStock_000001577190XSmall
  • Place clear tape over the speaker on the phone
  • Place rubber snakes, rats, fish, or other critters in unexpected places
  • Fill the office with balloons
  • Replace pens/pencils with color crayons
  • Login to someone’s computer and flip the screen upside down
  • Switch the order of the letters on the keyboard
  • Use invisible ink to create a mess
  • Place someone’s favorite item in jello (link)
  • Cover computer screens in Post-It Notes
  • Put a Whoopee cushion on someone’s chair
  • Fill drawers with ping pong balls
  • Place out of service signs on bathrooms, elevators, and/or stairwells
  • Tell funny (and appropriate) jokes

All of these pranks are intended to be good, clean fun. Ideally, they are all April Fools’ jokes that won’t get your fired, but be careful.

Before you commit to any April Fool’s do your research first. Always be careful before you pull a prank or tell a joke. Contemplate the consequences of your actions. Think your jokes through. You don’t want to offend someone, get fired, or end up in a lawsuit. Even jokes with the best intentions can have unexpected and horrible results.

Evaluate your office culture. Are jokes acceptable? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t cause permanent harm
  • Don’t offend others
  • Don’t embarrass people
  • Don’t invade anyone’s personal space
  • Don’t be a bully
  • Don’t cause more harm than good
  • Don’t prank anyone you don’t like
  • Don’t waste company time
  • Don’t be disruptive
  • Don’t interrupt the flow of the work day

A good April Fools joke is quick, noncommittal, harmless, and all in good fun. Always remember, if you wouldn’t want to be pranked, don’t pull a prank! You may also want to check out this flowchart that asks questions about whether or not your prank is a good idea.

If your April Fools’ enthusiasm gets the best of you and you do get fired, head over to the Job Board to find a cool or seasonal job

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