November 8, 2015

Want To Be An Astronaut? NASA Is Hiring.

Do you ever gaze up at the stars and dream about outer space? It’s amazing to think that our world is just a speck in a much greater galaxy. Imagine exploring this vast and exciting place…

Astronaut Floating In Outer Space Picture

If you’ve ever dreamed about going to outer space, this is your opportunity. Last week, NASA announced that it is hiring a new class of astronauts that will be heading to destinations like the moon, the International Space Station, and even Mars. This is an extremely rare opportunity and you should apply.

Learn More About Working For NASA

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, commonly called NASA, is the US government’s premier agency for space exploration, scientific discovery, and aeronautics research. Since 1958, NASA has constantly explored outer space. The men and women that they send beyond Earth’s atmosphere have one of the world’s greatest jobs. They are astronauts.

Astronauts command, pilot, and crew spacecraft that are sent to collect data and complete missions in outer space. In the past, astronauts have landed on the moon, manned the International Space Station, repaired vital satellites, and so much more. NASA hopes the latest astronaut recruits will eventually be the first people to step foot on Mars.

According to, NASA has hired over 300 astronauts, yet only 47 are currently active. There is certainly stiff job competition for this cool job. NASA requires that all applicants have Bachelor’s Degree In Engineering, Biological Science, Physical Science, or Mathematics from an accredited institution. They also are keen for applicants to be in peak physical condition and have jet experience, but this is not required. Learn more about astronaut job requirements on Business Insider

If you want to be an astronaut you need to apply for this job. Search for jobs with NASA on the JobMonkey JobCenter today. NASA will be accepting astronaut applications from December 14 to Mid-February. Best of luck!

FYI, when researching this amazing opportunity, we also saw that NASA is hiring for a flag football referee. Not exactly an astronaut job, but certainly an awesome gig!

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