June 23, 2015

12 Reasons Why You Should Become A Farmer

What do pigs, corn, grain, fruit, cotton, tobacco, chickens, livestock, dairy products, and trees have in common? They all come from farms. Without dedicated, hard working farmers we wouldn’t have any of these things.

Farmer Tending to Crop Photo

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, there are 2.2 million farms in rural America. Ninety-seven percent of those farms are run by families. Farming is a billion dollar industry that directly impacts your life. So if you see a farmer be sure to thank them for their hard work. Or better yet, why not become a farmer?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, predicts that farming is on the decline. Most farmers are nearing retirement, so this could be a huge career opportunity for you.

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Here are 12 reasons why you should become a farmer:

  1. Spend your days outside – Farmers live, work, and play on their farms, which are typically located in scenic countryside locations.
  2. Grow what you like – As a farmer you can farm what you like – organic grains, bananas, pigs. Find you passion and farm it.
  3. Work for yourself – Running a farm is the ultimate entrepreneurial opportunity. Farmers work long hard hours, but also have flexible schedules.
  4. High job security – Farms have to exist for people to eat. The job security is through the roof.
  5. Get to play with big machines – It’s fun to play with big toys like tractors and combines.
  6. No dress code – You can wear whatever you want to work – just plan on getting dirty.
  7. Join a close knit community – Farmers work together. They rely on their community to get the job done.
  8. Stay fit – Working outside doing physical labor is bound to keep you in shape.
  9. Bring your pet to work – There’s no rules against bringing your dog to work.
  10. Zero commute – Farmers typically live on their farm. No more sitting in traffic to get to the “office.”
  11. Escape the office – The majority of work is outdoors with Mother Nature. This is far from your boring cubicle job.
  12. Feed the planet – It’s rewarding to know that the products you grow help to feed the world.

As you can see, farming is a pretty awesome job. You can farm year round or find seasonal farm work. Farming requires dedication, passion, and a bit of luck. It’s one of the most rewarding jobs you can find though. There’s no doubt that farming is challenging and tough, but someone has to do it – and that means there are job opportunities in the farming industry.

Are you ready to find a farming job? It’s a cool green job!

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