May 22, 2016

These Types Of Farms Need Hard Workers Like You

Farming is one of the world’s oldest professions. This multi-billion dollar industry affects the entire world. It’s one that we all rely on to live the life that we want to live. People around the world make their living by farming. Some work on family owned or individual farms while others work on major corporate […]

June 23, 2015

12 Reasons Why You Should Become A Farmer

What do pigs, corn, grain, fruit, cotton, tobacco, chickens, livestock, dairy products, and trees have in common? They all come from farms. Without dedicated, hard working farmers we wouldn’t have any of these things. According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, there are 2.2 million farms in rural America. Ninety-seven percent of those farms are […]

December 8, 2013

Finding A Farming Industry Job

You may not realize it, but farming plays a major role in your life. The farming industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that affects nearly everyone. There are over 2 million farms in the US. They cover approximately 922 million acres. Most farms averaging 418 acres. These farms specialize in cattle, crops, grains, aquaculture, fruits, […]

July 29, 2011

Fall Harvest Jobs

The summer isn’t over yet, but farmers across the United States are now beginning to harvest crops, and this will only continue as we move into fall. Most farmers hire temporary workers to take seasonal farm positions during the harvest, so you can snag one of these jobs if you know where to look. Here […]

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