December 16, 2020

Love Shopping? Become A Mystery Shopper Today.

Do you love to shop? Then you should become a mystery shopper. It’s the perfect way to get paid to shop. What could be cooler than that?

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Mystery shopping is much more than just shopping though. When you become a mystery shopper, you will earn money to evaluate a company’s practices, obtain information, ask questions, test services, purchase products, experience the operation, file complaints, attend events, or perform other tasks. The job requires you to do these things, while pretending to be a regular customer or client.

What Is Mystery Shopping?

In reality, these undercover shoppers are actually independent contractors who are evaluating the business and will provide a detailed report with relevant feedback pertaining to their experiences. At the end of the day, mystery shoppers are paid to shop, but they also must analyze their experience and provide feedback.

Mystery shopping is essentially a form of market research. The majority of mystery shopping employers are market research companies that are hired by a business to stealthily evaluate its operations. The insights provided by the mystery shoppers can shine the spotlight on issues or problems that need to be addressed, thus making the business run more effectively. Check out one of our Featured Mystery Shopper employers – GBW Mystery Shopping.

Learn More About Mystery Shopper Jobs

Unfortunately, there are lots of mystery shopper scams that exist out there. Do your research and be sure to apply for mystery shopper jobs with legitimate companies. The best way to do this is to research and review the companies that are posting the jobs. One good rule to follow is that a legit company will never charge you to work for them.

For most people, mystery shopping is a part time job that will help to pay the bills. When you find the right mystery shopping job, it can pay anywhere from minimum wage to $30+ per hour. Not bad for going shopping with a purpose!

If you have a knack for posing as a “shopper,” learn more about this cool niche on

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