November 10, 2017

Do You Want To Become A Sheriff?

Dreaming of a career in law enforcement? Why don’t you become a sheriff?

Sheriffs are the highest law enforcement officer in a county. They are typically elected officials who are responsible for keeping the peace and enforcing the law of the land. It’s a cool law enforcement niche that you might want to consider pursuing.

Sheriff's badge sitting on wooden table

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Sheriffs are elected officials who work side by side with other law enforcement agencies like police, state troopers, or parks and wildlife. They are typically elected for set terms of four years. The length depends on the state and county where they reside.

Nearly all counties in all states have sheriff’s departments. Sheriffs work in both rural, suburban, and urban areas. Their duties depend on their location, but may include tasks such as:

  • Making Arrests
  • Serving Warrants
  • Giving Tickets
  • Controlling Traffic
  • Dealing With Animals
  • Investigating Accidents
  • Transporting Prisoners
  • Running Security At Events
  • Operating County Jails
  • Protecting Citizens
  • Investigating Crimes

As you can imagine, it’s an action packed job where no two days are the same. To become a sheriff, you’ll need to:

  • Earn A High School Diploma Or Equivalent
  • Graduate From Policy Academy Or Law Enforcement Institute
  • Earn A Degree In Criminal Justice
  • Run For Office And Establish A Political Campaign
  • Win The Election For Sheriff

Being  a sheriff is a demanding job. You’ll be tasked with keeping your constituents happy and keeping your town safe. Do a good job and it can lead to a long career in law enforcement or it can jumpstart your journey into politics.

Are you ready to become a sheriff? It’s an exciting job that can take you down an interesting and unique career path.

Fun Sheriff Fact: Did you know that Grover Cleveland was a sheriff before he served as US President?

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