November 24, 2017

How To Behave At Office Parties

Office parties are awesome. Anytime there’s a party at work, you should go and have fun. Just make sure that you’re on your best behavior because your actions at an office party can come back to haunt if you’re not careful.

A group of young professionals at the office holiday party

It’s amazing how many people don’t know how to behave at office parties. An office party is different than a regular party because it’s essentially a work function. While it’s ok to relax and have fun, you still need to act as professionally as possible so that you don’t damage your professional reputation.

Let’s take a look at a handful of ground rules on how to behave at office parties:

  • Show Up – When the company is throwing a party, it’s your job to make an appearance and have fun. Don’t ditch out on the fun because you have something “better” to do.
  • Keep It Professional – An office party is really just a laid-back, social gathering with your office mates. It’s still a work function and you need to act as a professional because your boss and co-workers are watching you at all times.
  • Ditch The Smartphone – Leave the technology behind. There’s no need to be staring a screen during the party.
  • Dress Appropriately – Dress the part. You don’t want to wear something inappropriate or something that might malfunction.
  • Get Social – An office party is a cool opportunity to interact with your co-workers on a personal level. Ditch the work talk and try to get to know everyone. This doesn’t mean you can flirt or act inappropriately though.
  • Be Positive – Positivity is contagious. Be positive at all times and mind what you say. You never know who might be listening.
  • Never Over-Indulge – It’s always pertinent to remind people to indulge in moderation. Don’t eat or drink to much – even if it’s an open bar or buffet. You don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of your co-workers or boss.
  • Don’t Invite Other People – The office party is typically a party for the people you work with. Don’t invite your buddies or even your spouse unless it is specifically stated that you can do this.
  • Say Thank You – Your boss is pretty cool for throwing a party. The least you can do is say thank you.

Any company that’s willing to throw an office party is a pretty cool employer. Don’t jeopardize your job because of silly antics at the office party. Keep it pro and you’ll go far in life.

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