March 26, 2010

The Benefits of a Temporary Job

Many job seekers are encountering a longer and longer wait period between jobs. When savings and unemployment benefits aren’t enough to cover your living expenses during this wait period, you may need to think about finding a temporary job.

There are a multitude of benefits to having a temp job. The obvious is that you can continue to eat while job searching. But beyond the budget basics, having a temporary job also lets you stay active and engaged in the world of employment — even if it’s not your intended career field. This activity helps to fill out your resume while fighting off the job hunting blues. It may even inspire you to pursue a new career path.

Plus, temping can be a great shortcut to a long-term job offer — assuming you do a good job and prove your worth to the employer. According to Manpower, one of the leading temp agencies in the world, 40% of all their temp employees find work through their temporary placement.

Not that this is overwhelming evidence, but on a personal note, I’ve temped a lot – whether it was during a break from school to earn some extra cash, or when I first landed in Washington, D.C. and was looking for permanent employment. I was offered more than one job, including one that I eventually took — and loved!

From administration to warehouse to substitute teaching work, temp jobs cover almost every imaginable field. Have you ever had a temp job? What was your experience like?

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