February 27, 2014

These Are The 100 Best Jobs of 2014

If you could have any job, what would it be? Everyone probably has a different answer to this question, but most people would choose one of the best jobs.

One of our favorite sites, US News Careers, ranked the 100 Best Jobs of 2014. They assessed employment opportunity, salary, work-life balance, long term growth, stress level, and job security. These are all factors you probably want to consider in your personal job search

The jobs that made the list cover a range of industries – health care, technology, social services, business sectors, and more. We bet that you’ll be able to find a job in the 100 best jobs that you’ll want to apply for.

We are excited to highlight the top 20 jobs of 2014:

  1. Software Developer
  2. Computer Systems Analyst
  3. Dentist
  4. Nurse Practitioner
  5. Pharmacist
  6. Registered Nurse
  7. Physical Therapist
  8. Physician
  9. Web Developer
  10. Dental Hygienist
  11. Information Security Analyst
  12. Database Administrator
  13. Physician Assistant
  14. Occupational Therapist
  15. Market Research Analyst
  16. Phlebotomist
  17. Physical Therapist Assistant
  18. Civil Engineer
  19. Mechanical Engineer
  20. Veterinarian

Do you see one that appeals to you? Did you notice a trend in the top 20? Most are from the technology and health care industries. Both of these industries are making an overwhelming impact on our economy. These are definitely jobs that will set you up for success. Are you ready for the future? Do you want to pursue one of the best jobs of 2014?

Head over to US News to get the full list of 100 best jobs. You’ll also find a full review of each job, salary details, and more helpful information. Take advantage of this list to help you fine tune your job search.

You can learn more about these jobs on JobMonkey. If you’re ready to start your job search, do it on the JobMonkey Job Board. Best of luck!

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