July 27, 2010

Best Places to Live if You’re Job Hunting

Not every location in the United States is experiencing the same high unemployment rates. Recently, CNN published the results of a study showing places across the country that have actually seen a growth in job availability from 2000 to 2009.

If you’re job hunting and don’t mind moving, the following areas might be able to offer you a new start to your career:

1. Sioux Falls, South Dakota

If you’re interested in jobs in the healthcare industry, the Sioux Falls area is home to both Sanford Health and Avera Health, which are coincidentally the largest employers in the county. While the banking industry hasn’t had the best few years, you can also find jobs at stable companies like Citibank and Wells Fargo, which are both found in this area, and the retail in the downtown area is booming.

2. Williamson County, TX

Williamson Country has such a strong job market for two major reasons: Dell and Sears. Dell is headquartered in this area, as is the Sears Teleserve, which is Sears’ call center. Round Rock, one of the cities located in this county, also offers job training classes through their Chamber of Commerce in order to help you learn about starting your own business or climbing the corporate ladder.

3. Hays County, TX

If you’re interested in working in retail, Hays County in Texas is your Mecca. There are a number of outlet malls and other shopping centers in this area, and since many major highways run through this county, there’s never a shortage of shoppers. In addition, this is a hot spot to find a teaching job, since nearly half of the population is under the age of 18 or in college at Texas State University.

These top three locations for job hunting aren’t the only places in the United States where it is easy to find work. Other locations that made the top ten list included the following:

4. Highlands Ranch, Colorado: telecommunications, aerospace, military
5. Fort Bend County, Texas: education, energy, engineering, electronics, healthcare
6. Laredo, Texas: farming, retail transportation, government
7. Collin County, Texas: banking, retail, technology
8. Broomfield, Colorado: technology
9. Hamilton County, Indiana: construction, financial services, food distribution
10. Logan, Utah: medical services, manufacturing, education, technology

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