February 13, 2017

Should You Relocate for a Job?

If you’re out of work, relocating to find a job might seem like a good option. While this isn’t possible for everyone, moving to a city where workers are in high demand might be easier than you think. According to Forbes, the top ten locations for jobs in 2018 are as follows: Chandler, Arizona Scottsdale, […]

January 10, 2012

Online Job Hunting and Privacy

Searching for a job is a lot easier with online resources, like the JobMonkey Job Center. However, if you plan to post your resume online or apply to a job through an online application process, you need to know a few tips about keeping your information private to protect yourself. Keep the following in mind: […]

January 3, 2012

Four Employment Trends in 2012 – and What They Mean to You

Recently, Career Builder reported on four employment trends they’re seeing for 2012. They are as follows: Compensation Getting More Competitive for Skilled Positions Voluntary Turnover on the Rise Training Employed/Unemployed Employers Targeting Hispanic Workers, African American Workers and Women Let’s take a closer look at what these trends in employment mean for you as a […]

January 1, 2012

Career Resolutions for 2012

Now that it’s 2012, it’s time to make some resolutions for the upcoming year! In addition to setting goals for a shrinking waistline and giving up the cigarettes, it’s also time to make some resolutions about your career. Last week, Amy wrote about challenging yourself in the new year. Today, I want to talk about […]

December 19, 2011

Top Jobs for Women in 2012

Recently, the Department of Labor released their list of the top jobs for women in 2012. Some of their picks might surprise you! Here are some of the positions on their list: Post-Secondary Teacher Anthropologist Oceanographer Natural Sciences Manager Clergy Member Jobs were ranked by factors such as expected growth in the coming years, median […]

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