September 21, 2015

Bookmark These Blogs If You Want To Find A Job

The Internet is exploding with information. When you have a question about the job search or you need a bit of advice, all you have to do is Google it or check social media. With so many sites on the World Wide Web, how do you sort through all the junk?
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You could spend all day scouring the Internet for the best articles out there, but luckily you don’t have to do that. Instead JobMonkey is here to do it for you. We know where to look for the best job tips, high quality articles, cool posts, and job focused sites. In our regular Link Love posts, we share those sites, posts, and articles with you.

Here are a handful of sites that have impressed us lately. Bookmark these blogs:

Read the articles, bookmark the sites, and stay tuned for more interesting content. Explore a little bit and see what else you stumble upon. Be sure to share it with us and all of your job seeking friends and family. If you like the above articles, we highly encourage you to subscribe to the JobMonkey newsletter, where we share cool posts, videos, articles, and blogs like these every Saturday.

Thanks for being a part of the JobMonkey community. If you stumbled upon this post and see one of your posts featured in our Link Love sections, congrats on writing excellent content. Feel free to share one of our posts too. Let’s grow the job advice community together!

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