May 26, 2013

Don’t Make These 6 Common Internship Mistakes

Internships offer you the opportunity to experience work life with the people who know it best – real world workers. People intern with major companies all over the world. An internship is the perfect opportunity to catch a glimpse of what a day in the office is really like.

Internships are like a real job and you need to treat them as such. Sometimes people fulfill internships for credit or for pay, but more importantly, internships provide a learning experience, a reference builder, and a jumpstart for your resume. Be a professional and your internship  might even help you land a job.

Unfortunately, many interns make silly mistakes. Don’t do the following:

  • Be inattentive / Be distracted – Try to learn as much as you can. Take notes instead of texting on your smart phone.
  • Put things off until the last minute – Get things done in a timely manner so you can learn and experience more.
  • Treat everyday as “casual friday” – Dress appropriately for the job. Don’t wear your flip flops and board shorts to the office.
  • Forget to network – Remember that building your network is a constant work in progress. Meet everybody you can.
  • Lack commitment – Internships usually only last a semester or a summer long opportunity. Act committed, even if you don’t give two hoots.
  • Forget to say thank you – Companies and employers are going out of their way to accommodate your learning and internship. Be sure to let them know how much you appreciate it.

Find more tips on common internship mistakes ComeRecommended’s blog. Internships can really help you get started on your career path, but you only get as much out of them as you put into them. If you don’t know much about internships, then visit our Internship Guide on JobMonkey or search and apply for internships on JobMonkeyJobs.

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