April 17, 2014

Awesome Casino Employers

Did you know that the casino and gaming industry employed 363,000 people in 2012? That’s an increase of more than 67% in just over 20 years. Those employees made $13.2 billion in wages in 2012. Of those employees, 85% were satisfied with their job and over half planned to working in the casino industry for the next 10 years. Those are impressive statistics from the American Gaming Association.

When you think of casino employers, you probably immediately picture the bright lights of Las Vegas. While this is the hotbed of gambling in the US, there are many types of casinos in many other states too. There are casinos that operate on riverboats, on reservations, on cruise ships, and other places. Working in a casino is a cool way to earn a paycheck – and probably you’ll earn some tips too!

While most people think of casinos they imagine high rollers, international clientele, and lifestyles of the rich and famous. In reality, the casino industry offers a high stakes, guest service oriented industry. If you’re good with people, enjoy an exciting atmosphere, and are keen to work hard, then seek a job with a cool casino employer. Who knows, maybe you’ll even spot a celebrity at some point!

Why not start your job search with some of these casino employers?

If you don’t see the casino employer you’re looking for here, take advantage of JobMonkey’s Worldwide Directory of Casinos. You can also explore the JobMonkey Casino Industry Guide to learn all about different casino jobs, types of casinos, different casino games, how to get a job, top employers, and more resources.

Search the Employer Directory for the word “Casino” and over 100 employers will pop up! It may take a while to sort through all of these cool employers, but you’ll be bound to find a job in the casino industry with all of the job listings there.

Finding a job with a cool casino employer is easier than you might think. You can start your casino job search on the JobMonkey Job Board right now.

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