February 13, 2014

Cool Theme Park Employers

What are you doing this summer? Have you considered working at a theme park, amusement park, or water park? Did you know that there are over 400 amusement parks in the US that hundreds of millions of people visit each year? Theme parks are a multi-billion dollar industry that employs over 500,000 people each season.

Amusement parks are designed for entertainment. They feature rides, attractions, roller coasters, gardens, shows, events, and dining. If you haven’t visited one, it’s always a unique experience. From Disney World to Six Flags, amusement parks are scattered across the US and around the world. They are an excellent place to find employment during the busy theme park season.

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The main theme park season is during the summer, but some operate year round. The most theme park job opportunities exist during the summer, but many lucky people are able to land year round jobs. Theme parks are looking to hire both entry level and skilled workers. Right now is the main hiring season for theme parks near you. Check your local paper because many amusement parks have already been advertising job openings, job fairs, and hiring events for the upcoming season.

To get you started with your theme park job search, check out some of these awesome employers:

If you don’t see your dream theme park employer here, check out more amusement park employers on JobMonkey. Every employer is unique, so why not apply to many different theme park employers to find the best job for you? Working in a theme park is an awesome way to spend a summer or a lifetime. Theme park jobs offer an enjoyable environment to work in and a great way to earn a paycheck.

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