December 16, 2017

17 Ways To Destroy Your Professional Reputation

When was the last time you embarrassed yourself at work? Made a mistake? Wished you’d kept your big mouth shut? Had one too many drinks at the company party? Or did something dumb? We’ll all behave poorly or do things that we’ll regret at some point. If you make the occasional mishap, it’s usually not a big deal. But if it becomes a habit, you’ll quickly destroy your professional reputation.

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When you damage your credibility or destroy your professional reputation, it’s bad news for you. It takes a lot of time to build your professional reputation, but only minutes to ruin it. As professionals, we all strive to build a reputable and impressive brand that is known to be ethical, reliable, and impeccable. Mess that up and you’ll have to prove yourself all over again.

Let’s look at a handful of ways that you’re destroying your professional reputation:

  1. Gossiping
  2. Poor Social Media Usage
  3. Lying
  4. Forgetting To Listen To Others
  5. Shirking Responsibility
  6. Making Excuses
  7. Changing Your Opinions
  8. Drinking Too Much
  9. Badmouthing Others
  10. Missing Deadlines
  11. Never Responding
  12. Sharing Too Much Personal Information
  13. Making Things Difficult
  14. Over Promising and Under Delivering
  15. Showing Up Late
  16. Being A Hypocrite
  17. Committing A Crime

Do you know anyone who does these things? Any one of these things is enough to drive people crazy in the professional world. Of course, if you do one of these things once in a while it may not be your total downfall, but if you continually mess up, you’ll quickly destroy your professional reputation – and that’s no good.

In the professional world, companies need people that they can rely on. People will respect you when you’re a trustworthy person who lives up to your word. Always strive to be an ethical professional with an outstanding character and you’ll go far in life. Your professional reputation matters more than you might realize.

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