October 20, 2013

How To Write An Awesome Entry Level Resume

There is more competition for entry level jobs that you may realize. Often there are hundreds of applicants and resumes for just one position. If you want to beat out the competition, you’ll need to make your entry level resume pop. Having a stand out resume that leaves a recruiter eager to learn more about you is a tall order, especially when you’re new to the job market.

A full page resume has a lot of resume real estate to fill up. If you’re looking for ways to fill in the blanks on your resume, here are a few things that can make you shine when you apply for a job:

  • Internships, Co-ops, Apprenticeships
  • GPA (as long as it’s above a 3.0)
  • Related Coursework
  • Foreign Languages
  • Volunteer Work
  • Awards
  • Memberships In Professional Organizations
  • Sorority or Fraternity
  • Clubs
  • Professional Email Address
  • Job Related Keywords
  • Computer Skills

Make sure your resume shows that you are a unique person who has done something. Use action verbs to help tell what you’ve done. We found a really cool Entry Level Resume Guide from DePaul University that includes action words, resume examples, transferable skill examples, and more. It’s a great resource for anyone writing a resume – especially for an entry level position.

An entry level position, probably is not the job you’ll have for your entire life. It will be an important stepping stone in your pursuit of a career. Treat it as such. When you write your resume, consider yourself a seasoned veteran of the job market. Be confident and you’ll find a job quickly. Your first entry level job is your springboard to an exciting professional career and your entry level resume is your ticket to getting hired. Put the time and energy into your resume to ensure that it is blunder free and recruiter friendly.

If you’re looking for entry level work, search for entry level positions on the Job Board. You’ll never know what might pop up.

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