December 8, 2013

Finding A Farming Industry Job

You may not realize it, but farming plays a major role in your life. The farming industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that affects nearly everyone.

There are over 2 million farms in the US. They cover approximately 922 million acres. Most farms averaging 418 acres. These farms specialize in cattle, crops, grains, aquaculture, fruits, nuts, sheep, poultry, eggs, milk, veggies, pigs, corn, cotton, tobacco, and organic products. There are lots of things in our every day life that come from the agricultural industry. How does farming affect you?

About 3% of the the US population is employed in the farming industry. Some of these people spend their days operating farming equipment. They spend their days laboring the fields and working with the animals. Others work in farm management. Some are research scientists who streamline the farming process.

Farms are everywhere in every state. That means there are probably farming jobs near where you live. Do you know what the top types of farms are in your state? Find out here.

Farming is a rewarding career, but it requires lots of hard work. There are small independent farms, corporate farms, and organic farms. Farms need full time, part time, and seasonal workers. Could you be a part of the farming industry?

It’s easy to do your homework on different farming industry jobs on JobMonkey. Our farming industry guides detail what different farming jobs involve and delves into the pros and cons of each farming niche. Do your research and start applying for agriculture and farming industry jobs today.

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