February 3, 2011

Finding a Clean Energy Job

Today, Assembly Speaker John Perez and State Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg shared a new plan that would bring tons of new energy jobs to California, according to the Sacramental Business Journal. These types of jobs aren’t just coming to California, however. Across the country, clean energy and renewable energy jobs are becoming more and more readily available – and many of them are extremely high-paying.

How can you snag one of the energy jobs coming to the United States? Here are three tips for finding green jobs:

  • Get educated!

Most energy jobs do require you to have some form of education. Some jobs only require an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree, while other positions require an advanced degree. Check out what programs are available at your local colleges and remember – you might be eligible for college scholarships and grants to pay for your education.

  • Stay up to date with current energy information.

Take the initiative to read up what’s going on with clean/renewable energy in your state and in the entire world. If you do get a job interview for an energy position in your area, it helps to be able to intelligently talk about what is going on in the news and how it effects your community and company with which you seek a job.

  • Work in the energy field if possible.

Your community might have energy-related jobs available right now if you think outside of the box. For example, you could begin working as an electrician today, which will prepare you for installing solar panels tomorrow. Lots of jobs in HVAC, IT, and other industries could lead to energy-related jobs in the future, and they look great on your resume in the meantime.

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