April 4, 2011

Five Things to Consider before Becoming a Yoga Teacher

If you love yoga, why not turn that passion into a yoga career? Yoga instructors can find jobs at gyms and other types of fitness centers, as well as work on a cruise ship or become a private instructor, an you can even open your own yoga businesses. Before you jump on boar with this type of career, however, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Yoga instructor pay can be upwards of $65,000 annually, which is definitely a decent living. Remember, though, that not every yoga teacher makes that kind of money. Entry-level positions for new teachers usually come attached to lower salaries.
  • While you don’t legally have to be certified to teach yoga, most employers only consider candidates who are Registered Yoga Trainers (RYTs) or Experienced Registered Yoga Trainers (ERYTs) as registered with the Yoga Alliance.
  • Yoga might seem like a relaxing, rejuvenating activity, but things might feel different when it is your job and you have responsibilities related to this hobby. This is especially true if you open your own yoga studio or fitness center – being a business-owner is never easy.
  • The best way find better jobs as a yoga teacher is to specialize. If you have experience or training in working with children, prenatal yoga, stress management, or another field, you’ll have a stronger resume than other candidates.
  • Teaching anything requires a lot of patience. As a yoga instructor, you’ll have to be understanding to all of your students’ needs. Being able to do the most advanced yoga positions does not alone qualify you to be a teacher in this field.

Many yoga instructors work part-time, at least at first, which allows you to get a real feel for this type of position (no pun intended!). If you’re interested in teaching, consider shadowing one of your instructors for a few days to learn a little more about the challenges and rewards of working in this field.

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