March 8, 2018

The Best Foods To Boost Your Brain Power

What have you eaten today? Do you have any snacks at your desk? What’s in your typical diet? If you didn’t already know, diet matters.

What you eat directly effects you. It can effect your physical and mental attitudes – including your productivity. If you feel a bit sluggish and unmotivated, try to change what you put in your body. A simple change in diet can make a major change in life and really boost your brain power. Did you know that there are entire jobs devoted to diets?

According to the World Health Organization, changing your diet can boost your brain power by 20%. Foods that reduce inflammation and send more blood to your brain are the ones that you need to eat.

When you combine the right diet, the proper amount of exercise, and a good nights sleep will set you up for success. Business Insider takes a good look at Foods You Should Eat To Increase Productivity. They say that changing you diet is “a viable strategy for enhancing cognitive abilities, protecting the brain from damage, and counteracting the effects of aging.” Who doesn’t want that?

BI also compiled a list from a variety of sources of the best foods to eat:

  • Berries – These antioxidant rich fruits help improve memory and motor coordination.
  • Berries with Oil-Rich Walnuts or Avocados – Helps to keep brain cell membranes “youthfully flexible.”
  • Bananas – Hold the daily amount of glucose for your brain.
  • Eggs – Are full of choline, a fat-like B vitamin, that enhances memory and reaction time.
  • Salmon – With omega-3s, protein, iron, and B-vitamins you’ll have no problem with memory, recall, reasoning, and focus.
  • Eggplant – Allows your brain to enhance “communication between our brain cells and messenger molecules.”
  • Caffeine – A cup of joe can help improve memory and “protect against eyelid spasm.”
  • Chocolate – Dark chocolate is known for boosting focus and concentration. Milk chocolate can help with reaction time and verbal and visual memory.
  • Green Tea – Helps to kickstart the nervous system.
  • Yogurt – With protein, minerals, and probiotics your digestive system will be in great shape.
  • Dark Leafy Greens – Chock full of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, these leafs increase oxygen into the body and boost cognitive control.
  • Raw Carrots – Offer a constant supply of blood sugar to the brain for optimal functionality.
  • Red Wine – Want to improve short term memory and motor skills? Drink red wine.
  • Whole Grains – This will help to boost your cognitive health.
  • Hot Cocoa – Protecting brain cells from stress is a nice bonus.
  • Garlic – These are full of antibacterial and antiviral compounds that can reduce stress induced colds and infections.

On the flip side, here are a few things to avoid:

  • Sugary foods can cause glucose crashes that will make you feel” weak, confused, or nervous.”
  • Calorie heavy foods will make you feel like taking a nap.
  • Not eating enough can slow down the brain, decrease your reaction time, and hurt your recall.

Be sure to check out Business Insider’s original post to learn more about each of these foods. Plus, you’ll get to see some delicious looking photos! One “food” we feel should be included is water. Staying hydrated with water, the elixir of life, is of the utmost importance to keep the body charged.

As you can see, health foods can still be a tasty treat. Eating healthier is simple if you try to do it. Give it a week and see if you feel a noticeable difference in your motivation, work ethic, and body. If you eat right, you will see how your diet can boost your brain power.

It’s up to you to make sure your body reaches its full potential. Who knows… maybe a change in diet will help you find a job!

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