Nutrition Research Jobs

Jobs in nutrition research can be found in several different types of work environments.

You can work in at a college or university where you teach undergraduate and graduate classes in addition to your research. You can work within the government doing nutrition and health research for groups such as the National Institutes of Health. Research jobs can also be found in the food and nutrition industry, and researchers work for pharmaceutical companies analyzing drugs and supplements that relate to nutrition. Jobs are also available for food companies in the areas of food science and market research.

If you choose to pursue a career in nutrition research it is necessary to obtain a doctorate and some researchers are also Registered Dietitians. However, it is possible to do research in nutrition without a dietetics degree. There are some jobs available in research for individuals with a master’s degree, but to excel in the field a Ph.D., or Ed.D., is needed.

When working in a government or university-based research position, you will be responsible for seeking funds to support your research. Day-to-day duties will involve grant writing, usually with partner departments and organizations, development of research projects followed by implementation and evaluation, and supervising the work of interns or graduate students who help with your research projects. Upon completion of research you will compile articles and submit them to peer-reviewed journals.

Research may be focused on behavior and trends as they relate to nutrition and health such as evaluating the eating behaviors of students in a school lunch program, or tracking trends of community fruit and vegetable consumption. Research may also result from the implementation of a weight loss program and the changes witnessed in participants. This type of research involves surveys, questionnaires or interview evaluation.

Research can also be focused on food science, nutrition, supplements or pharmaceuticals which involve laboratory work, sample analysis and testing.

Scientific researchers working at colleges and universities earn salaries between $31,643 and $58,731 per year. Those working for the federal government typically earn salaries of $42,277 to $78,611, while researches working for companies can make between $50,495 and $101,842.

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