July 17, 2011

Four Skills that will Give Your Resume an Edge

The different between your resume and the resume that moves to the top of the pile may not be immediately apparent. In fact, you and the candidate who gets an interview might have the same experience, the same education, and even the same references. The differences are minimal and may seem insignificant, but there are certain skills that give any resume an edge. If you’re hoping to find a job in your desired industry, no matter what that industry might be, here are four skills that make you more hire-able than others in the same pile of resumes.

Skill #1: Social Media Experience

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social media platforms are becoming more and more popular, with many businesses hiring employees specifically to take control of their social media accounts. You don’t necessarily have to be applying to this position to benefit from social media experience. Employers want to hire people who are up to speed on the newest and best technologies, especially when it comes to boosting a brand online. If you have experience in these fields, even if it is just running your own personal accounts, it also means that you’ll be less likely to embarrass the company online in some way. Get familiar with the most popular social media platforms and mention these skills on your resume.

Skill #2: Customer Service

At the core of every business is the customer base. If you’re disconnected with this group, your business won’t do well – or at least not as well as it could. Employers want to hire people who understand consumers, especially how to deal with customers who are unhappy. Having any kind of customer service experience, even working at a call center or working in retail, is beneficial on your resume.

Skill #3: Teamwork

When companies hire, they’re often not looking for the most educated or even the most experienced; they want someone who will fit into their team well. If you have experience working with teams to complete projects, you’ll be a better candidate than someone who has worked primarily alone. Don’t just fill your resume with fluff like “works well as part of a team” though – give them real-life examples of you teamwork and the goals you accomplished.

Skill #4: Budgeting

Have you ever worked with money at past jobs? This is a skill that you should definitely list on your resume, even if the job you want isn’t in finance or accounting in any way. Knowing that you understand money, at least at a basic level, tells the potential employer that you’ll use resources wisely and work to help the company make as much money as possible. If you’ve been trusted with money at past jobs, this is also an indication that you’re honest and can be trusted to take on responsibilities.

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