September 14, 2014

Learn Anything With A Free Education Online

A day doesn’t ever go by that you don’t learn something. Our minds thrive off of the learning process. What have you learned lately? Do you wish you could learn more things that will give your job search a step up?

It’s easy to boost your knowledge with a free education online – American democracy, Swedish, bioterrorism, US Citizenship Tests, or even dentistry. Don’t be scared by a big price tag for knowledge. It’s true that you might not receive the same degree from these resources like you would from a distance learning program, but we’re here to tell you that you can find high-end free education online with just a few clicks.

A solid education can go a long way in the job hunt. Why not spend those extra hours watching a lecture or reading an article? It could give you the boost you need to get the promotion, raise, or job that you’ve been dreaming about.

Here are some of the very best places to get a free education online:

  • OpenCourseWare Consortium – MIT along with other name brand universities (University of Michigan, Johns Hopkins, Tufts, etc) have compiled a vast library of audio and video lectures for free. You can search through nearly any subject so that you can learn about anything.
  • The Khan Academy – If you’re looking to brush up on your math and science knowledge, this is the place to go. The creator uses YouTube videos and an electronic board to break concepts down into easily understandable processes.
  • Academic Earth – This website is the conglomeration of 19 universities – Princeton, Yale, Harvard, Berkeley, Stanford, etc. It hosts lectures and entire courses on just about any subject.
  • CodeAcademy – Thinking about becoming a coder? This interactive learning site can teach any determined person to code at a professional level.
  • Stanford’s Engineering Everywhere – Do you want to become an engineer? Then this is the site for you. Stanford now offers full access to all of it’s engineering courses. That means lectures, readings, handouts, quizzes, tests, and more.
  • iTunes U – Looking for an massive searchable database of useful lectures? Have you opened up iTunes lately?
  • Textbook Revolution – Some people can’t learn by listening or watching. Instead they need to focus on the words. That’s easy to do with this collection of free textbooks.

If none of these courses get you excited about learning, don’t give up hope. There are plenty of other things to learn online from completely reputable sources. Head over to LifeHacker to discover where you can learn Conversational Mandarin, sign language, theology, economics, CPR, algebra, or Physics. You can also learn where to access over 25,000 books from a University Library or find out where you can go to school on your iPod.

The point is that technology is changing the way that we learn. Podcasts, YouTube videos, PDF files, online social networks, and progressive universities are there for you to take advantage of. All the information is there for you do earn a free education. Go out and refresh your love for learning.

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