October 13, 2008

Freelance Writing Jobs

Announcement: Another New Job Category at JobMonkey

JobMonkey just launched its newest job category: freelance writing jobs. A decade ago, freelance writing jobs were the exclusive purview of $1/word writers for glossy mags like Cosmo and Sports Illustrated.  An even more elite few wrote actual books. Today, however, with the proliferation of Internet content — websites, blogs, e-newsletters — there is a rapidly expanding market for freelance writers.

Pay ranges from pennies per word to hundreds of dollars per hour, although most beginning writers earn closer to the former than the latter.  Most freelance writers are college graduates (many with degrees in English, though most certainly not all), although some did not attend school.

Many freelance writers always knew they wanted to write — just take a look at their resume: Editor of their high school paper, editor of their college paper, English lit major, a handful of published short stories before they turned 20.  Even more freelance writers, however, turned to this career path after working in other industries and craving the autonomy of a freelance career.  Still more freelance writers were able to polish and market their writing skills while staying home with their young children.

JobMonkey’s newest section on Freelance Writing Jobs is the perfect place to start if you want to learn more about this growing field — and whether it’s right for you.  Articles cover topics such as how much do freelance writing jobs pay, what is the difference between writing for the web and writing for print publications, what’s the big deal about Search Engine Optimization, and where can I find out about freelance writing jobs?

Also, be sure to check in with the jobmonkey blog for some in-depth pieces on the ins and outs of freelance writing (after all, it’s a career choice I know a little something about 😉

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